Promotion of the Valencian Community to the implementation of I+D+i

Knowledge management.

Release days of of I+D+i.

Work tables de I+D+i

Aid catalogue.

Development of innovative projects.


Share best practices for internationalization.

Company training for its internationalization.

Project Selection and local partners.

Advice on the internationalization process.

Management support for internationalization.


Agreements with companies in the sector.

Agreements with other agents and collaborators.

Agreements with universities and research centers.

Agreements with other Energy Clusters nationally and internationally.


Attracting Investment and Financing for the project implementation.


Training and customize courses.

Cooperation between educational agents.

Models of excellence


Creation of national and international observatories needs, trends, and legislation.

Creating a national and international technology observatory, where to have access to the latest developments and research

Clúster de Energías C.V.Clúster de Energías C.V.